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Pray to God Father for Peace

During our Rosary around Switzerland program we are focusing on the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary with our prayers flowing through her.  And, this is as it should be.  But, we should consider not only invoking the most precious name of Mary, but others with whom we have special ties as well.

Bruder Klaus von Flüe is not only the patron saint of Switzerland, he is also one of the patron saints of Rosary around Switzerland.  And as such, we all should personally invoke his name and call upon him to intercede for our needs, also.  There is no competition when calling upon several names simultaneously. On the contrary, authentic devotions promote a spirit of collaboration and reaffirm one another. Bruder Klaus and all the angels and saints are anxious to help us, but the key is we must ask.  And, ask we shall.


peace, this love, this oneness, all else is but empty words.  You are the Creator and we are your creation.  We are yours, all yours.  We are your children.  Please open our hearts to see your fatherly love for us, and may we respond in kind back to you.  Love for love, grace for grace, peace for peace. For if we do not have this, then we can surely never give to others what we ourselves do not have.  Bruder Klaus, please intercede for each one of us before the throne of God.


Dear Bruder Klaus, dearest friend of our country Switzerland, we ask you to intercede for us before the Father.  We ask the Father through you for peace; the peace that only God can give, true peace, real peace, not the false “peace” of this world.  Anything else, everything else is just a false dream.  But, the peace of our God is true and everlasting. 


First we ask for peace between You Father and  each  of  us   individually.   Without   this 

Bruder Klaus composite image


Next we ask for peace in our families.  Dear Father you have created the family to be an image of the Divine Trinity on this Earth as father, mother and the Lord Jesus Christ in our families united in sacramental marriage. Yes, marriage and the family is a foretaste of Heaven, and we pray you for peace in our marriages and families.  We ask You through our dear Bruder Klaus for the super-abundant, super-effective graces of healing and peace in our families. 

Through the intercession of our dear Bruder Klaus, we ask you Father for peace upon our land Switzerland; the peace that Bruder Klaus once brought to our land through his prayers to You.  Father, you have created this magnificent land.  Your greatness and majesty are manifest in your creation Switzerland.  Please Father, bring peace to this land and then protect it as your very special child.  May we reflect your greatness throughout our great land and beyond. 


Furthermore, we ask for your loving graces Father so that we may walk this world in our daily lives bringing your peace and love to all we encounter wherever we encounter them.  All are created in your image and when we see the face of another, we truly are looking into your eyes. Bruder Klaus, please intercede for us that we of Switzerland might be a beacon of light to the whole world with each bead of our Rosaries said being an open door to all people so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be known and lived.

And our dear Bruder Klaus, we have yet one more request.  Please beg the Father for peace in Holy Mother Church, the peace and unity that is His and all within the Holy Trinity.  Father, the Church is the most beautiful bride of your only son Jesus.  Bestow upon her a flood of graces to be true to You and You alone.  Protect her Father.  And, may Holy Mother Church ever increase its missionary call to the whole of creation making your holy name known to all.   Amen.

Should we send Bruder Klaus to the throne of God empty-handed?  No!  But, what can we give to him that would be of any assistance, any help?  Look at any picture of Bruder Klaus and you will find the answer: the rosary.*  Yes, armed with the true “weapon of choice” of the most Holy Virgin Mary, we can offer our prayers of the rosary through not only Our Mother, but our dear, dear Bruder Klaus as well.  He must not go empty-handed to the Father.  Let us all do our part and pray the rosary for peace for ourselves, our families, our land, our world and for our dear Holy Mother Church. 

Will you accept the rosary offered by Bruder Klaus?  Will you pray it?

*Bruder Klaus actually prayed with the "Bätti" a 50-bead prayer string, a predecessor to the rosary.  In the time of Bruder Klaus the rosary, as we know it, had not yet arrived in Switzerland.  For more information on the Bätti, please click below.  Many thanks to the Bruder Klaus Verein of Sachseln for this information.

With this said, today if Bruder Klaus was to offer you a prayer string, it would most certainly be what we are use to- the most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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