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You don’t see a site near you that you think should be? Would you like to be a “Site Organizer?” Here is how to register a specific prayer site for Rosary around Switzerland.

A Site Organizer is a person who finds a suitable church or religious institution where people can gather for prayer on the day of prayer, obtains the necessary permissions, finds a priest to lead the day in prayer, and acts as the lay leader in all aspects of the day. A Site Organizer is our main “go to” person for the Pray Schwiiz! team. Together, with the priest, they are the two responsible people at the specific prayer site.


The best Site Organizer is one living at/near the actual site. Their local knowledge will be invaluable in organizing for the prayer day. The Site Organizer is responsible to be sure all local rules and regulations are followed to ensure a smooth running, safe day.

The Site Organizer must “think ahead” and anticipate potential problems, whether they be general (Where is the toilet?) or specific (If someone has a medical emergency, what are the proper procedures that should be followed to get help?). Pray Schwiiz! will assist you in this endeavor to whatever extent we can.


More Information on Proposed Sites


Sites must be pre-approved by Pray Schwiiz! before you begin your promotional activities.


The sites should be Catholic churches, or other Catholic institutions if at all possible.  We understand that is some cases, for any number of reasons, this may not be possible.  If you chose something other than a Catholic church or institution, please tell us why such a location is not possible and/or the reasons we should consider this alternative site.



Only sites approved by Pray Schwiiz! will be considered “official” sites and promoted on its website and other media devices.


Once we receive your site request, our team will quickly review it, compare its attributes against the overall goals of the program.  We will communicate back to you within forty-eight hours.  Thank you for generously offering your time for this noble effort.


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