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Our Patrons

The Blessed Virgin Mary under her titles of “Our Lady of Einsiedeln” and “Our Lady Untier of Knots”:  Besides (we pray) in our hearts, there is not greater shrine to our Lady in Switzerland than in Einsiedeln where she has been honored since St. Meinrad in the mid- 9th century.  May we become spiritual hermits in these troubling times holding and contemplating in our hearts the greatness of the Lord and trusting in His providence against all human reason, just as our Mother did.  And given the extremely difficult, confusing times, what better source to turn to than the “Untier of Knots,” our Blessed Mother?  Let us give all our concerns and confusion to her, and she will take them to her Son, and the knots of our lives, our families and of this world will be resolved and peace will reign.

St. Michael the Archangel:  When a significant portion of angelic spirits rebelled against God, one in stood particularly tall and strong for God- Michael.  What he may of lacked in angelic rank, he made up for in zeal for the love and honor of God.  May we emulate St. Michael and throw all caution to the wind as we defend, honor and love our God in our beloved Switzerland.

St. Bruder Klaus and his wife Dorothee Wyss:  No introduction is needed for this great saint of Switzerland.  What he did (and still does) for Switzerland can never be underestimated.  Let us pray we can continue to carry on his holy example in our troubled times.  And, Dorothee?  As stated by Saint Pope John Paul II, she is a saint in her own right having allowed her husband to faithfully follow the commands of our dear Lord at a unimaginable cost to her personally.  Bruder Klaus, dear Dorothee, Pray for us!


St. Maurice and the Theban Legion martyrs:  Martyrs (white and red) give their lives for Jesus, and of the numerous saintly martyrs of Switzerland, St. Maurice and his Theban Legion stand strong in our Swiss hearts.  They chose death rather than follow the orders of the caesars of this world.  They glorified the Holy Name of Jesus by their deaths in 286/7 and their relics are now enshrined in the Basilica of Agaunum.  Are we brave enough to follow their example in our everyday lives?

St. Burkhardt of Beinwil:  Born in Muri in 1108, St. Bukhardt was a parish priest in Beinwil (Freiamt).  He is most known for his fervent love of the most Holy Eucharist.  How fitting he is to be one of our patrons.  For what he was, we so need so desperately today- faithful parish priests protecting the sheep of the flock of Jesus Christ, a priest trusting in the almighty power of the Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  He was a noted miracle worker before and after his death in 1192.  His tomb is in the Church bearing his name in Beinwil, Aargau.  St. Burkhardt, bless us and pray for us.

Our Lady Untier of Knots
Our Lady Blessed Virgin Mary statue Einsiedeln Switzerland
St. Michael statue
Bruder Klaus and family Switzerland
Beheading of St. Maurice- St. Maurice Abbey, Switzerland
St. Burkhadt: Beinwil Switzerland
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